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Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is an opportunity for CPS students to take college level classes and earn both high school and college credit for them. A majority of these classes will be paid for by Constantine Public Schools. The Michigan Department of Education has set forth the following guidelines regarding dual enrollment.
  • A course must either be academic in nature or applicable to career preparation.
  • Courses chosen must also apply toward the satisfaction of degree requirements.
  • Classes may not be in the subject matter of hobby-craft, recreation, physical education, theology, divinity, or religious education.
Students must work with the counselor, who in turn will work with the academic advisor(s) at the Community Colleges, to determine if there is space available in classes the student may be interested in, AND to see if the class will fit into the student’s high school schedule.
Please note: Dual enrollment works best when the classes are taken either at night, online, or at the beginning or end of our school day.
Students must provide their own transportation to and from dual enrollment classes.

Students can take up to 10 dual enrollment classes during the 4 years of high school, with no more than 6 classes
during any given year. Freshmen and sophomores may only take 2 classes per year.