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Early Middle College

The Early / Middle College (EMC) program is available to students starting their Junior year.  To be enrolled in the EMC program, student must have qualifying test scores and complete the application process by the deadline
The Early/Middle College (EMC) program is a 5 year high school program designed and delivered through a collaborative partnership between Constantine High School, the St. Joseph County ISD, and Glen Oaks Community College. EMC allows a high school student to earn a high school diploma and substantial college credit (potentially an Associates Degree or Occupational Certification) through an additional fifth year of study. This program differs from traditional dual enrollment in that there is no longer a 10 class limit. EMC students must be designated prior to their junior year.

Students are still allowed to walk at graduation with their class following their Senior year of high school, but will not receive their high school diploma until the EMC program is complete.
Student athletes are not eligible to participate in sports at the high school OR college level during the 5th year.